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The Benefit of a Sprinkler System

Having a beautiful landscape doesn’t mean you have to spend hours watering in the yard. A professionally installed sprinkler system will keep your landscape watered for you, freeing up your time to do other important chores.  A properly watered lawn will develop a healthy, deep root system. So put away your garden hose and have your yard watered automatically! You will save time, you will save water, and you will save money. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.
Choosing the right contractor is an important decision but it is not as difficult as you may think. Village Lawn Sprinklers has the knowledge and experience to do the job right. We will install an efficient, reliable irrigation system for you. I Guarantee It!

Brighten the Night and Beautify Your Home​
Enhance the beauty, safety and security of your home by installing landscape lighting around your house.  During the day, the architecture of your home and the surrounding landscape can be admired and enjoyed by all, but at night, your home and landscape fade into the darkness.  By accenting the architectural features of your home and garden, landscape lighting will bring your property back to life.  Lighting the patio and play areas around the house extends your use and enjoyment of the time outdoors. We'll help guide you through the process of choosing the right fixtures and lighting techniques to bring out the best features of your property

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